Artists on the Radio

As we introduced The Art of Movember last week, we were approached by Khadijah Plummer (DJ Deej) of After Class on Radio Laurier's radio show. She asked if we would like to be interviewed on her show last Tuesday night and of course, we could not turn that opportunity down! It has been such a great experience having people be so intrigued into what we are creating and seeing this kind of support, motivates us even further. Providing happiness through the love of art is what we love to do.

We've attached a blog post of a summary of the interview that was posted by Khadijah last week. Please check it out!

Also, if you would like to listen to the whole interview, you can just click play above!

Thanks so much! 


The Art of Movember

We are happy to present, The Art of Movember. This is our first project as a team and it has proven to us the whole reason as to why we wanted to begin this business. Our main goal is to display an importance of freedom of expression through art. The importance of having a story behind what you do is essential because it means there is value behind it. The expression of men growing out their moustaches and beards to support the movement, is an art form within itself. We wanted to capture that through the mediums of photography and painting. Art is found in every aspect of life and this is our way of expressing that to the world. 

The Art of Movember is a valuable project because we recognize how important it is to heighten the awareness on men's health issues. At the beginning of this process, we knew that we wanted to have 9 guys be a part of this project. With both of us attending school at Wilfrid Laurier University, there was no shortage of men growing out their facial hair for the cause. The photoshoots started on November 16th and by November 22nd, we had taken all of the photos of our volunteer models. The greatest thing about the whole process was that most of our guys did not know us very well but they believed in our art and saw something that could reach a lot of people about the cause. We are so appreciative and thankful for that. 

The painting process began on November 25th and finished on December 2nd. Each painting took around 5 hours, give or take. Not only is there photography and painting but videography is also a huge part of this project. The video includes the process of the photoshoot, time lapses of each painting and the stories of each individual guy who helped us out with this project and shared their own personal views on men's health issues.

Through the sales of the original paintings, prints of the paintings and photos, we will be donating proceeds to the Movember charity. We thank you for the support!